Our Solution

Vaso3D equips provides accurate 3D-reconstructions of large vessels

within minutes 


A powerful AI to give you powerful results


A simple and objective exam providing accurate diagnostic information and visual representation of the artery

A continuously improving and validated deep learning model

Measure stenosis

10x as fast

  • A 5-minute exam, from start-to-finish
  • No longer reliant on simple 2D pictures, reducing misdiagnoses rates by 90%
  • Acquire a CT-like image from simple 2D ultrasound  
  • Reduce the need for confirmatory imaging like CT or MRI

No expertise required

  • Our simple AI allows virtually anyone to perform the ultrasound exam in a fraction of the time it would take to perform a traditional exam
  • Our AI provides feedback to the user to ensure high quality exam
  • With 1-click, the arterial data is sent to our cloud servers and immediately analyzed and the vessel is reconstructed
  • A report is generated providing a transparent analysis of the exam, allowing the user to be the final decision maker

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