Cardiovascular Ultrasound

made simple and accessible

Introducing Vaso3DTM

A deep learning model to reconstruct 3D models of vascular structures from 2D ultrasound, providing an accurate exam in a matter of minutes

By taking a 3D approach, we create a fast and objective method to perform and interpret the ultrasound exam.

How It Works

Vaso3D works in 3 simple steps

Perform a regular ultrasound exam

We pride ourselves and maintaining the current clinical workflow, so you don’t have to change your standards.

Let our proprietary software build beautiful 3D organ models for you

Upload your data to our cloud sever, which will analyze the exam and apply our AI to build the 3D reconstructions in a matter of minutes, providing a CT-like image from a regular ultrasound exam

Receive a comprehensive report for better predictions

Receive annotated images and quantitative descriptions of vascular features and dimensions.

Building 3D vascular structures from 2D images

Our proprietary methods enable 3D visualizations, giving a more accurate diagnosis.

A Holistic Approach

Our diagnostic aid includes ultrasound images, flow dynamics, and patient characteristics all combined to provide a timely and accurate analysis.

High-end image processing

We utilize the highest standard of methods for our organ reconstruction, ensuring that you receive an accurate vascular disease interpretation 

Artificial Intelligence

A deep learning approach for accurate risk stratification, with continuous re-iterations and improvements

Data Analytics

Quantified analyses of each vascular features including vessel diameter and stenosis, plaque area/volume, and flow dynamics

Better Clinical Judgement

More information on vascular characteristics like volume and presence of worrying features. 

Sonaro is founded on 20+ years of research

We are well aware of the limitations of ultrasound imaging: user-dependent errors, lengthy examinations, and increasing costs. This is why our our multidisciplinary team, made up of clinicians, scientists, and AI engineers, have all published work in peer-reviewed academic journals on medical sciences and ultrasound imaging.

Together, our work contributes to the importance of objective organ characterization, all to improve diagnostic ultrasound and reduce the burden on the health care system.

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